Red Bull X-Fighters Osaka 2014  Sat. May 24 - Sun. May 25, 2014 LEARN MORE
Lucerne Festival Ark Nova Matsushima 2013  Fri. September 27 - Mon. October 14 2013 LEARN MORE
Matchmaking Wind Chimes 2014, Hikawa Shrine, Kawagoe  Fri. July 7 - Sun. August 31 2014 LEARN MORE
Giant Rugby Ball Pavilion  Thu. October 29 - Tue. November 3 2009 LEARN MORE

We create impressive spaces
that are environment- and people-friendly

We provide advanced, innovative solutions to build impressive spaces that meet the expectations of both event organizers and visitors, while honoring the basics such as environmental issues and safety management.

What We Offer

Since its foundation, TSP Taiyo has been involved in a number of fairs and international events, providing comprehensive event-business support from design and construction of the venue facility to space direction and guest hospitality. Our typical response categories are listed below:

Ceremonies, Regional Fairs, Festivals

Producing fun spaces where people can participate in comfort.

Sports Events

Creating effective, athletic-facility spaces

Food Events

Staging spaces for food-related events

Disaster-Prevention Events

Creating spaces to widely promote and aid disaster-prevention plans

Decorative and Promotional Events

Staging high-quality spaces to support business concepts

Theaters, Concerts and Temporary Pavilions

Producing spaces for vibrant entertainment events

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